Where did you study and what was your major?
I studied arhitecture and real estate in Szeged and London. Particularly, I studied in Miklós Radnóti High School, Szeged ; BME - Faculty of Architecture; BKE - Faculty of Engineering Economics; University College London - European Property Development &Planning. 

Where, when and how did you discover your interest in real estate.
My very first impression was about rapidly growing cities in western provinces of Canada (for example Edmonton and Vancouver) and other neighborhoods having real estate developments. 

It was only a flash in my mind but, at that time I was preparing for architecture studies.

What are the turning points of your career?
In 1996/97 I worked in UCL London for a while, and this experience flourish my career in real estate sector. 

How do you approach real estate industry in general? What are the most interesting or beneficial parts of it?
I can say that several aspects of it. However, particularly, I really enjoy with construction part of it; new the buildings and neighborhoods. Furthermore, we are interacting with people. These are good for your social environment and life although it has no directly effect on global processes.

What are the downsides of Hungarian real estate market in your opinion?
I can say that there are some. However, they are not sector specific problems, but about general economic conditions. In that sense, unfortunately, transactions and other related business processes are not transparent at all. Moreover, it must be said that the industry is still very young moving towards to becoming an adult. 

As an architect, I would add most of the old public buildings have an important role to attract attention to new ones in this beautiful capital city. 

What are the professional qualifications and intellectual abilities a real estate professional has to have?​

In addition to be determined and having positive attitude in general, I have to say that following global trends, being open minded, having large scale thinking and of course creativity is essential.

Moreover, ability to combine technical and financial expertise is a must. 

What is the direction of development in Hungarian real estate market in your opinion?
In 90’s, Hungarian real estate market started to develop continuously in the times of global stable trends. So, we need to keep following and learning all the time.

If you haven’t met real estate sector, what would like to do now?​
Most probably I would be dealing with buildings or even city. I can only guess I would be into design and some other ways of development for sure.

What are your main characteristics?​
I can consider myself as very Enthusiastic, optimistic who is open minded to endlessly development.

What qualities of other people that you respect?​
I really appreciate human rights and loyalty. Moreover, I respect people with environment awareness, and other social awareness.

What do you consider as the most important virtues?
I can say that the openness of the global and large-scale thinking and team-building.

What is the unpleasant or embarassing situation for you?
Generally speaking, they are  pettiness and immorality.

What is the situation or attitude that you cannot tolerate?
The non-loyal attitude.

What is the situation or attitude that you can forgive?​
The mistakes of people who are committed to the targets.

Do you have any dream you would like to realize?​
My professional dream is to achieve a sustainable real estate development.

What does it mean to you to be an expert?​
A successful expert is the one who is open and persistent even he or she encounters with failures on the road of success.

What is the biggest mistake that you would share with us?
Considering that all such questions and answers are highly relative... probably that I haven't started building my own company years before.

What is your nearest goal to achieve now?
While achieving my professional goals, I would like to develop my talent in charitable activities as well.

What do you want to do in five years?
I would like to perpetuate the feeling in my life that I'm in the right place!


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