So which is it to be? You have to admit, when you take away the monsters, at least some of these have their good points that can be applied to every property. What the heck do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a look


Classic architectural tradition

A lot of these haunted places are steeped in architectural tradition. Dracula’s castle is classic Gothic revival. When the novel Dracula was written at the end of the 1890s, this tradition of replicating the Gothic church style of the medieval period in Europe was all the rage. This trend dovetailed nicely into the character of the Count. Being a vampire, he remembers Gothic style when it first came around, kind of like how I remember wearing Converse All-Stars in the ’80s, way before the kids today started wearing them. That Gothic style is iconic, carrying over to Frankenstein’s castle, too, with the look and feel of natural stone being central.


Frankenstein and the features in his building that suit your office needs (basement entrance to easily store bicycles,documents or in Frankensteins case re-locate pilfered corpses, extra amps on the fuse box for advanced power needs, etc), that principle carries over to the properties too.


Maybe an office desinged personally for the needs of those who live in them

Dr. Jekyll’s lab is classically Victorian, with wood paneling, brass fixtures, drawing rooms, parlors, and even a Victorian-style man-cave. Well, a laboratory. For this reason there is plenty of space to house an entire workforce. Also, I’m sure his spare room is more than just spare. When he’s, um, beside himself, the extra space for his frequent visitor who needs a place to “Hyde” is handy for the managers personal office space.


In the Wolf Man’s Lycanthrope’s Lair, there’s a secret chamber made to hold him in when the moon is full so he doesn’t prowl the Yorkshire Dales and eat people. This could also be used for hiding those documents regarding your competitors activity


Built to integrate with the environment

What could be more 21st century than a property that is a part of the environment it’s in? That applies here to some of these spooky spaces as well. Dracula’s castle is built right into a mountain. The Creature From The Black Lagoon’s pad is all about being sensitive to a delicate eco-system. And the Mummy’s tomb is built underground to keep temperatures naturally moderate, and energy bills low. The Green building councils would approve.


Style to be applied to modern spaces

The point is that a lot of these principles can be applied to your space. When you’re undertaking projects, think about what kinds of classical styles you can include, or at least reference, to help to make your property timeless

Design your space according to your own needs. This is a great way to prioritize the kinds of projects you invest in to make your space the one you’ve always wanted