The 2020 seedlings planted last year are grown in a forest on the border of Budakeszi and District XII, thus contributing to increasing the lifespan of the forest and building a more sustainable future. The symbolic tree, reminiscent of this year's tree planting, was planted by ATENOR's Hungarian team in Nagyrét, Hűvösvölgy, at the beginning of June.

Besides the development of properties dreamed in the spirit of sustainability, ATENOR has defined and engaged in a 360° sustainable approach of the city.  This is how ATENOR environmental initiative, ‘Acting for the Future’ was born in the framework of which it planted 2020 trees in 2020 in several European cities, including Budapest, in cooperation with Pilis Park Forestry Company. Among others, this action has a direct contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal 15 ’Life on Land’ of the United Nations.  

The trees planted in District XII of Budapest and in the Budakeszi Forest contribute to a higher degree of biodiversity and to the improvement of the age composition of trees, which are essential conditions for sustainability, as this makes the forest more resistant to the negative effects of climate change.

In order to make a lasting contribution to the long-term viability of cities and their surroundings, ATENOR has decided to continue its initiative until 2025 in all ten European countries where it is present. The agreement on the 2021 trees between Pilis Park Forestry Company and the Hungarian team of ATENOR has already been reached, and the planting of native seedlings is planned for winter and early spring.

‘ATENOR aims to create the city of tomorrow that is much more resilient, attractive and inclusive. Given the challenges of the future, this can only be achieved by the integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions. It is therefore obvious that forests have a key role to play in this. By expanding them, ATENOR contributes to building a more sustainable future’, said Zoltán Borbély, Country Director of ATENOR Hungary.