ATENOR is the first developer that designs its projects together with the rehabilitation engineers supported by Access4you. The objective is to offer buildings and surroundings free of obstacles in every aspect and provide possibilities, solutions for access that make everyday life easier for “SPI people”, people with special needs, and help them to develop a complete lifestyle and a daily working routine.  
‘One of the pillars of ATENOR’s strong international corporate culture is people-centered design: the goal is to implement real estate developments that harmonize with the city, are environmentally conscious, and serve the comfort and well-being of the people who use the real estate. To obtain the highest available qualification, the Gold Certificate Accessible Site, ATENOR hired Access4you for advisory services during the design process, who audit the locations and issues a European certified trademark’, says Zoltán Borbély, Country Director of ATENOR Hungary.

ATENOR has opted for the highest level of authentic accessibility in all its projects. For the 50,000 m2 Váci Greens Buildings “E” and “F”, the 72,000 m2 Aréna Business Campus project with a total of 4 buildings, the 15,000 m2 RoseVille in Óbuda that is under development and the soon-to-start 17,000 m2 BakerStreet in District XI, accessibility has already come to the fore at the design table. ATENOR involved rehabilitation specialized engineers in the design process and based it on the accessibility requirements developed for the concerned 8 SPI group by Access4you.

The requirements examine the usability and accessibility of the built environment, entrance, orientation and available services. In addition to the basic, mobility-type accessibility, ATENOR has extended the need for accessibility to all concerned groups, and as a result all 4 projects will receive Gold certificates.
As a first phase, Aréna Business Campus Building “A”, which was handed over in last May, received the highest, Gold certificate in March this year, following an assessment.

‘The leasing of Building “A” of Aréna Business Campus is in full swing. The ground floor retails are already leased, providing a number of services (medical centre and catering units) to tenants and residents in the area. Office tenants moved into the building last summer and earlier this year. For the remaining areas, advanced negotiations are underway with various large international and domestic tenants’, says Zoltán Borbély. ‘At the same time, the construction of the 15,000 m2 Building “B” is progressing according to plan, which will be handed over this year’, added Zoltán Borbély.