ESTON’s tenant representation team worked out the leasing strategy together with the local top managers, facility manager and the real estate manager of Nielsen in the New York HQ.

„During the consultancy work, lasting more than two years, we evaluated all the possible scenarios following the upcoming lease expiry of the client and we did our best to list all the possible transparent leasing alternatives for them. Nielsen was introduced several relocation options; however, we found the lease renegotiation would be the most effective and competitive solution for them at their current building. The management of Vaci Utca Center did a great job operating and maintaining the building in the last few years which helped us to achieve one of our most important target during the tenant representation, which was to refresh and modernize the Nielsen office according to the recent trends. We succeed to optimize the leased areas during the renegotiation of the terms so Nielsen could have a more efficient seating. During the renegotiation of the financial terms, we also paid attention to the incentive package; which, as we achieved, supports Nielsen in the new fit-out and eases the operational costs as well” – said Tamas Pal, ESTON’s Head of Office Agency.