All of the buildings are technically fully rented. About 100 events have been organized for the tenants with the attendance of thousands of people which emphasizes the creation of a strong and lively myhive community supported by the myhive mobile application.

IMMOFINANZ has achieved significant success in 2018 with its myhive international office brand. The company extended not only on new tenants but also extended nearly all expiring contracts. Several office buildings are now fully leased (e.g. Szépvölgyi Business Park, CBC office building, myhive Thirteen, myhive Haller Gardens). The company has been also awarded as the Best Asset Manager at CIJ Award Hungary.

An important factor of the success is that the company constantly is working and asking for the needs and expectations of the tenants and based on the results, introduces new services for the convenience of the tenants. These new services now include the ParkL service launched with Park and Go at myhive Atrium Park, the myplay's childcare and flexible office rental services with co-working offices which will be introduced in the first half of this year.

Different tenants' composition of the office buildings requires different services. The regular meetings, client parties, concerts, yoga classes or even the farmers’ market are very popular. The training and presentation series planned for this year that support tenants' networking with top performers are also expected to be successful among the tenants and their workers.

The community manager is constantly present in the life of myhive office buildings, who not only organizes, but also keeps track of the events and guarantees the quality of the services. There is also a successful internal application that also enhances communication between tenants and provides up-to-date information to myhive members.

New services at myhive Atrium Park

In 2018 autumn, the P3 level of myhive Atrium Park office building has opened up for temporary or short term parking operating by Park and Go. This creates the opportunity for the contractual partners to access a new kind of service and the possibility of offer available parking space to their guests. The convenient service is supported by the deployed automated parking system, the easy-to-use payment machines and ParkL mobile application.

The myplay childcare place will also open soon in the myhive Atrium Park. The launch of the service based on the tenant's needs and serves the comfort of the workers in the building whose children can be taken care up to 4 hours, which is a great help for those who work there during the school holidays.

The IMMOFINANZ continued to develop the myhive concept and plans to launch its first office-as-a-service concept in the beginning of this year (rentable offices for up to 1-2 days) with co-working function and rentable conference and meeting rooms service. Nowadays, the social workplaces are becoming more and more popular, as well as the flexible offices and meeting rooms which can be rented for short term and the tenant’s demands getting stronger about this new features.