“Váci office corridor, which is easily accessible both by car and by public transport, has always been a popular location among lessees, which is proven for us also by our recent successful transactions. In the past one year, almost 1300 square meters of rental area have found a new lessee, and we can also report on an expansion of nearly 500 square meters.”- said Adrienn Lovro, Country Manager Hungary and Romania of CPI Property Group.

This spring BNM Centrum set up its new office in the Business Center 91 office building on more than 300 square meters, then, within a period of less than 6 months, it expanded its premises to more than twice of its original size. Previously, in last September, Phasekanapé opened its store on more than 600 square meters on the ground floor of the office building, and Forum Media its office on more than 300 square meters. Furthermore, several lessees have extended their lease agreements, and some continue their operations in Business Center 91 on even bigger leased premises.



CPI Hungary