As the last visitor left the third building – Regus at Bank Center – it was 2 o’clock in the morning, but nobody has complaint. Earlier this night happened a lot…Let’s see it!

According to the common practice, visitors could enter three office buildings this night. First of all: the office of the software development company WhitePages located at Madách Trade Center’s tower, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
According to Ms. Eva Elter executive director, almost everyone is familiar with this building, but only a few know that this office has one of the best panoramic view in the city. (Actually rented by WithePages's), and 95% of the complex is rented on a long-term base. Purpose for recent showing was that WhitePages’ office on the top - 10-12. floor - was recently renovated by Mr. Nikola Martinovic interior designer. He explained the essence of the concept in person.

He proudly emphasized that 95% of the preliminary plans was executed. The budget contains a three-meter tall living tree delivered by alpinist to the top level office, which is furnished by high-tech ergonomic office furniture.
While the participants enjoyed panorama and a small film on these issues, suddenly a self-moving and communicating robot appeared in the office. What is this if not harmony of nature and technology?

Office Buildings’ Night program have been selected to for architects, interior designers, potential tenants, real estate developers and facility management professionals. It seemed that they all have fun. Serious negotiations were needed to enter Graphisoft Park "M" building: the tenant Microsoft welcomed 150 late night visitors. The organizers said that the hosts contacted European headquarter in Ireland to avoid potential false alarms…

János Kocsány, CEO of Graphisoft Park and Krisztina Holló-Takács Microsoft’s office leader talked enthusiastically about the building, the park, nearly two decades of development success and about future plans. The roof terrace and quality office space were so attractive, that some participants nearly missed the three busses by midnight. Two of them were coaches like you see everyday, but the third one was a so-called party bus with a very attractive interior and exterior design. People were just amazed. They all went to the last stop to the downtown office of Regus at Bank Center. The only problem was that nobody left the group, and there were not so many spaces available… Mr. Zoltan Hamza manager, responsible for letting informed the crowd about flexible office solutions.

„The success of the evening is a celebration for real estate professionals. It reflects that there is a significant need for high-quality design, architecture and property management” - said Mr. Otto Feuertag, Europa Design’s founder and co-founder of Office Buildings’ Night. His words were confirmed by Mr. István Harkácsi, co-organizer of the event, and owner of

One of the visitors summarized: "The fact that so many bright-eyed visitor still were there around two o'clock, cannot be a coincidence. There was a fantastic atmosphere, enthusiastic participants and professional organization".  Concerning the latter, Mr. Feuertag shared good news with us:  Office Buildings’ Night #4 is coming, probably next spring.