The total number of jobs created within the CTP portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe increased nearly 13%, up from 47,000 in 2015. Clients operating within the CTPark network require highly-skilled and therefore well-paid jobs. In total, 44,000 of these positions have been made in the Czech Republic alone, not to mention the thousands of indirect jobs that arise as a result of CTP and its clients’ investments.

Due to increased client demand, CTP aims to make CTParks more attractive and comfortable, benefitting both workers and employers. As part of this project, an accommodation centre providing 400 beds was built at CTPark Bor, in addition to a restaurant/cafeteria, general practitioners’ office and training room which are currently under construction.

 “CTP’s expansion throughout CEE directly increases the number of job opportunities offered by clients in our CTPark Network. We design our parks to be attractive for both investors and the people working there. To stay ahead, we continually improve, modernising our parks and with increased green spaces, foot and bike paths, and sometimes water features within our industrial parks,” says Stefan de Goeij, Head of Property Management at CTP.