Raktarkereso.info presents a new way of thinking and a new structure to tenants, warehouse owners, their agents and logistic service providers. Its principal aim is to enable warehouse owners and their agents to take matters into their own hands through its intelligent communication platform, and to have direct, controlled and readily traceable public relations and communications, thereby accelerating the leasing process.

The portal presents warehousing and logistic options and categories in great detail, thereby creating a new trend in the region. The network opens the tenant and warehouse markets of the countries covered and makes them transparent which, combined with the information flow facilitated by our network, offers a unique opportunity to the participants of the Hungarian warehouse and logistics market, given its position as a transit country in the region.

One of Hungary’s greatest advantages, exploited only in part, is its location. Many companies have realised that virtually any part of Europe can be reached in one day through Hungary’s recently completed comprehensive motorway network. A well-chosen warehouse location, close to a manufacturing base, target market, packaging plant or railway junction, can provide a competitive edge by saving money, fuel and time. raktarkereso.info can help with this quickly, easily and efficiently -

Countries currently covered by the warehouse search network: Hungary and Romania.



Source: warehousesinfo.hu