"Our goal was to create an environment where experiences improve employees’ quality of work, boost their performance, creativity and collaboration." said Ida Kiss, chief designer of DVM group. "The planning process took place over a period of nearly half a year of continuous consultation. With the highest technical and comfort requirements in mind, the interior design reflects the image of a global presence, is functional and displays local traditions and character elements typical of the Budapest team. "

The centre of the office, that is a nominee for the Office of the Year award, is a community reception area. The wood-beamed ceilings give a warm, homelike atmosphere to the space. The hanging chairs are suitable for relaxation and rest, and the soft sofa evokes cosy conversations. The backdrop is decorated with a mosaic-like coloured Budapest map, and the lockable cabinets are decorated with fine blue-painted motifs.

The themes of the small meeting rooms reflect popular Hungarian tourist destinations, such as Hévíz, Tokaj and lake Balaton. Their stylized graphic elements decorate the glass walls, and the walls are covered with full-scale landscape photographs. Clamshell chairs, lampshades and cushions harmonizing with the colours of the photos reinforce the youthful dynamics of the office. The Danube meeting room is decorated by employees’ pictures of their own travels, while the dominant artwork of the Budapest meeting room is a montage of the most popular global destinations of Booking.com.

The rigorous functionality of the office space is relaxed by lively modular carpets, coloured pinboards and painted wall surfaces. Common meals become a real community event in the cosy kitchen that evoke the atmosphere of the “ruin pubs” of Budapest, thanks to the concrete-like surfaces decorated with playful graphics, and the black ceiling with the engineering and cable trays on display. The floor covering has cement tile inserts from turn of the century houses. Fruit and snacks packed in wooden boxes on the vegetable stalls await those coming to the kitchen to eat, talk or play table football. The rustic wooden surfaces of tables, benches, countertops and wall coverings give warmth and contrast to the dark colours. The vivid chairs and the carbon fibre light bulbs hanging on textile cords are extravagant accessories of the "vintage" atmosphere.

"It was exciting and great to work with such a dynamic and inspiring client like Booking.com. We have created a place where there is space and time for focused work, formal discussions and informal company life alike. The interior design is an alloy of global image elements and local features. "said Ida Kiss.


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