For Intrum, the leading credit management company, it is not the first time to change headquarters during its history in Hungary. The team of the company has grown by hundreds of employees in the last few years, preserving its market leading role. It has become important among other factors as well to move to the centre where there is enough space for the new colleagues, for further growth and the reception of clients.

‘Time has come to move our headquarters to an even higher quality of ‘A+’ category office building with environmentally-friendly technology that is designed according to the criteria of the highest level of accessibility’, said Péter Felfalusi, CEO of Intrum Justitia. ‘Váci Greens Building ‘F’ is the ideal choice for us because it represents the highest standard available, it is flexible, sunlit, has terraces and provides liveable spaces for our employees to work efficiently.’

‘It was important for us that our employees should work in the greenest, most modern, most ergonomical place that is easily accessible, with numerous services nearby and in-house’, added Péter Felfalusi.

‘We are extremely proud that a remarkably significant, globally recognized company placed its confidence in Váci Greens yet again, which reassures us that our activity of creating and keeping a sustainable future of the office market while pursuing environmental and social responsibility is very successful’, said Zoltán Borbély, Country Director of Atenor Hungary.

‘The first four buildings of Váci Greens, consisting of nearly 80,000 m2, function with a 100% occupancy rate. Buildings ‘E’ and ‘F’, that are under construction, will offer an additional 50,000 m2 and will be handed over in the second and third quarter of 2020’, noted Nikolett Püschl, Development and Leasing Manager of Atenor.

Developed by Atenor, the green and ergonomic Váci Greens megaproject offers exclusive offices on 130,000 square meters. The office campus consists of six buildings, surrounding a huge internal garden and passage, a so-called ‘piazza’, creating a unique and inspiring environment. The office complex, while satisfying the needs and demands of today’s tenants and of future generations, provides home for several market leading companies.

Váci Greens is located on the popular Váci Corridor, in Budapest’s number one business district. It is situated less than 3 minutes’ walk to Duna Plaza Shopping Center and  Gyöngyösi Street metro station. Given the top location, the highest quality technical content, the multitude and diversity of in-house services, Váci Greens is pioneer in the office market of Budapest.

During the transaction, the Tenant was represented by Cushman & Wakefield International Real Estate Advisor Ltd.