With nearly 30 years of experience in the retail sector, Anita boasts numerous outstanding references in high street and shopping centre retail. The newly formed team is further strengthened by Diána Haáz-Bencsik, who brings nearly 8 years of professional experience. Diána has previously played a significant role in exclusive mandates for CPI Hungary, Revetas Capital, Erste Real Estate, and Diófa Fund Management. She has also collaborated as a tenant representative in building Vodafone s portfolio in Hungary.

Retail Market Outlook for 2024

According to Colliers experts, in 2024, the lower inflation rate and positive economic growth may have a beneficial impact on net real wages and individual entrepreneurs incomes. This improvement could positively affect disposable income and retail turnover. Additionally, the increasing foreign tourism is expected to have a positive effect on the high street segment. This optimistic economic outlook also validates our decision to relaunch our retail department. I am confident that under the leadership of Anita Csörgő and with the addition of Diána Haáz-Bencsik, our integrated service model will gain further momentum stated Kata Mazsaroff, Colliers CEO.

Innovative Focus in the Retail Market

Colliers aims to expand its portfolio in the retail property market. This strategic move will be led by Anita, one of the most respected experts in the Hungarian retail property market. Throughout her three decades in the industry, Anita has collaborated with prestigious clients such as Gucci, Moncler, Salamander, Michael Kors, iStyle, Starbucks, and one of the leading electric car brands. She has been instrumental in leasing significant portions of Andrássy Avenue and Váci Street and has facilitated the sale of numerous high street freehold rights. In addition, she has led repositioning projects for various shopping centers, including KÖKI, Campona, Pólus, Eleven Center, further she was involved in the original leasing consultancy for Kecskemét Malom and Mammut 2.

The retail team s goal is to assist brands in optimizing their retail spaces. Anita explained "In the coming years, we will leverage more than 37 years of collective retail expertise to identify profitable strategies, departing from traditional solutions. We will do this by tapping into the versatile expertise available at Colliers, particularly with our in-house ESG team and our Design & Build division during the execution of retail spaces"

Diána, joining Anita, added,"I am thrilled to be part of the Colliers team, and I believe that with the company s international support, we can gain a regional advantage. Furthermore, we are committed to strengthening our relationships with landlords and tenants of stores located on high streets and in shopping malls."