The biannual awards were established by WorldGBC’s Europe Regional Network to promote leadership in sustainability and inspire best practice in building projects, business practice and public policy.

The Eiffel Palace office building in Budapest, Hungary took the award for Leadership in Building Design and Performance. On behalf of the project, Attila Kovács, MRICS, Managing Partner at Horizon Development stated “The WorldGBC Leadership Award is the most prestigious recognition of our ongoing commitment to develop sustainable buildings that excel both with their future-proof design and long-term energy performance. Eiffel Palace – with its 120 years of history, innovative technical solutions and dual environmental certificate – is a unique gem among European office buildings”.


Mónika Tornóczky, Secretary General of Hungary Green Building Council, added “We are very proud of the achievement of this project and the role that our member company DVM group played in it. This building is a great example of how we can make a historical building sustainable.”

As one of the expert partner organizations on the awards jury, the Architects Council of Europe remarked “Eiffel Palace is an outstanding example of contemporary architectural design that embeds novel energy and water saving solutions into a historic building on a heritage site. The Eiffel Palace building renovation preserves the future, while reflecting on the past.”

Awards partner the European Council of Engineers Chambers emphasized that “A knowledge-based society must be based on the intelligent use of resources to allow the prospect of producing more while consuming less”.

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