The website presents green office buildings located in 28 countries. Wherever in Europe visitors are seeking premises, they only need to set a few parameters to find what they are looking for. People not familiar with LEED, BREEAM, DGNB/ÖGNI or HQE can use the website to educate themselves: they only need to spend half an hour on to understand the differences between the various standards and certifications, to realise that green technology can afford a competitive edge and to find out how the CEE region is doing in this field.

Green office buildings offer cost-efficient solutions

The “Good to Know” section of is also useful: not only does it define concepts used on a daily basis by professionals, it also clearly explains something that may not be immediately obvious, namely that operating a green office building is not only advantageous because it meets various social and business expectations. While this is undeniably an advantage, green office buildings can also reduce costs because they are designed and built to be operated efficiently, i.e. cheaply: the purpose of additional insulation, green roof gardens and heat pumps is (also) to ensure that both operators and tenants save money. Experts agree that all office buildings will be green in a few decades’ time. The reasons for this are obvious: they use electricity, water and other resources efficiently, protect health and improve productivity. They also generate less waste and pollute and damage the environment much less than regular buildings.

Many companies are expected by their shareholders and stakeholders to reduce their ecological footprint. Corporate responsibility is not just a slogan anymore, it is a requirement, and environmental protection is one of its key elements so the subject of green office buildings cannot be ignored.

Up-to-date information about green office buildings

It only takes a click or two on to find out about the regulations of green office buildings in a country or to contact companies supplying green technology directly as all the important links are collected on the website. The international “Who is Who” section is also useful, and the website is regularly updated with news and events in the property market.

There are numerous property websites, and some may even focus on environmentally conscious projects, but the developers of can be proud of the fact that theirs is the only one where almost all of Europe’s green office buildings can be found. Registered visitors can also avail themselves to a number of premium services. Further details: Registration

About is the green division of the Europe’s only Office Portal for Communication and Leasing independent of agencies and developers, which covers the green office markets of 28 countries for professionals and users with a preference for green buildings.

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