The ceremony held on 25 March was also attended by István Petényi, Managing Director of evosoft Hungary Kft. and Dale A. Martin, CEO of Siemens Zrt. The modern building in Buda is expected to open its gates in early 2021.

The new six-floor office building will be constructed as the second phase of the Hungarian Nobel Prize-winners Research and Development Park, at 11 Magyar Tudósok körút. Once completed, the software developers of evosoft Hungary Kft. will work on creating the latest digitalization solutions on about 20,400 square metres out of the building’s total floor area of 22,000 square metres.

Noah Steinberg, Chairman and CEO of WING Zrt., said about the development: ‘WING’s goal is to provide a long-term solution to the global demand for real property of leading large companies active in Hungary as their partner. Our ambition is also perfectly exemplified by evosoft’s new headquarters. With the new office building, we will create world-class jobs and, at the same time, a building that will be a key element of the bank of the Danube and the cityscape, which will have the latest technologies and will be environmentally friendly and energy-saving according to the criteria of the LEED Gold environmental awareness trademark.’

At the groundbreaking ceremony, István Petényi, Managing Director of evosoft Hungary Kft. pointed out: ‘When we decided to combine our software development activities at our sites in Budapest in one centre, our goal was to make our staff work more efficiently. The more than 1,600 employees working at our company meet world-class software development, professional and quality assurance requirements. With our new central office building, we rightly wish to create a world-class and inspiring workplace environment for them.’

Roland Busch, CTO and COO of Siemens AG, added: ‘Siemens has always been at the Roland Busch, COO and CTO of Siemens AG, added: ‘Siemens aims to bring together the best talents Hungary can offer and help them unleash their full potential. The new evosoft building reflects Siemens’ commitment to Hungary – and to the digital age. It will be a motivating working environment for digital thinkers – a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation.’

Ádám Szigeti, Deputy Secretary of State for Innovation, stressed the importance of the innovative activities of Hungarian digitization specialists for strengthening the Hungarian economy: ‘Research and development not only serves the interests of economic actors but also contributes to the success of the Hungarian economy and thus to Hungary's future. Innovation is not a goal but a tool. It is an ability that is there in all of us and it requires creativity. There is a need for a new way of thinking: we said earlier that if you do a little better than your competitors then you would own the market. Today we say: be innovative and have a chance to own market.’

After the speeches, the participants placed a time capsule on the construction site, including, among other things, the long-term cooperation agreement between the companies. The specialists of evosoft Hungary Kft. are expected to occupy the office building to be constructed directly next to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the Faculty of Information Science of Eötvös Loránd University in 2 years.

About the building
Evosoft’s new central office building is Phase II of the Hungarian Nobel Prize-winners Research and Development Park, which will be constructed with state-of-the-art technology and LEED Gold environmental awareness rating. Its special architectural feature will be a protrusion through the façade, which will make the smooth glazed surface exiting and will open a ‘window’ overlooking the Danube both figuratively and actually, while offering a view of the river to the inner yards and back office parts. A panoramic terrace on the second floor will offer unparalleled views of the Danube and downtown Pest. The imposing and elegant lobby area will provide access to service providers on the ground floor and green inner yards, which will make the office spaces and common areas well lit from several directions on all storeys. The green vegetation used in large areas inside the building as well as on the roofs and terraces will contribute to a pleasant feeling of space.

The high-tech, elegant building has been designed by Aspectus Architect, a subsidiary of the architecture design company WING, led by László Szerdahelyi.


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