With its distinct new façade and modernized interior, the bank’s branch office now offers more efficient and convenient client service as well. The modern ventilation technology installed also greatly improves the in-store experience. With its sleek look and new layout tailored to upgrade its services, the renewed space sets a new standard in customer centric design.

With the redesign of the branch office, ConvergenCE has given a significant facelift to the building, which, according to feedback, is much appreciated by visitors. In addition to the spectacular changes in its design, the branch office also underwent a complete electrical and mechanical renovation.

The Kálvin Square Office Building, which operates at a near 100% occupancy, has been managed by ConvergenCE since 2015. The building, located in the heart of the city centre, at the junction of two metro lines, is not only distinguished by its excellent location, but its modern interiors and the variety of services in and around the building are also attractive to tenants. Adapting to changing customer needs, the office building provides the highest quality service to its customers, making it one of the most prestigious office buildings in downtown Budapest.