United 4 Skyline Tickets is a Travel Management Company also representing, as a franchise partner, FCM Travel Solutions in Hungary. United 4 is a consortium among 4 domestic travel agencies (Bonafini Bindair, Concorde Travel, M&M Exclusive Tours and Skyline Tickets) that have been operating successfully on the Hungarian market for decades.  The purpose of their alliance is that together they are able to negotiate much better terms for their customers when purchasing tickets from airlines. Consequently, they are among the top 10 most successful airline ticket brokers in Hungary. In addition to booking flights they offer the full range of services one would expect from any well-established travel agency.

„United 4 is one of our most faithful clients. We are proud to have been providing them with their headquarters for over 16 years, and now they have renewed their lease contract with us. It is always a great pleasure when we manage to establish a truly longstanding relationship with a tenant. This indicates to us that the people working in the buildings we manage are happy here, and when clients are satisfied we have reached our goal.” - commented Katalin Honi, Director of Property Management at STRABAG PFS on behalf of HGA Capital, owner of the office building Oktogon Ház on the lease renewal.


HGA Capital