-    How did the virus affect the company? What is going on as planned and what have you had to rethink?

This unforeseen period came as a surprise to everyone. The high value of a well-functioning relationship with customers has been proven once again, which includes our flexible attitude. We had mandatory tasks related to the virus (cleaning, hygiene rules, elevator, plexiglass at the receptions, distribution of the mask), but our buildings served our tenants in all respects in the same way during this period as before. Of course, we put myhive live events on hold, but many events continued on online platforms What has definitely changed: tenants are looking for more flexibility! We saw that trend emerging even before Covid. That’s why we already had planned to enhance our office concept: Flexibility and community play a central role here. This includes, for example, flexible rental space.

-    If you have already mentioned the changing trends: It is true that due to the virus, tenants begin to turn away from the previously popular open space office concept and return to the classic division of spacing (rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)?

-    More and more of our tenants are returning to the offices, and it’s primarily up to them to decide in what kind of way they will work in the future – we can deliver any fit our client prefers. We see a growing demand for flexible and home-based work. Nevertheless, work from home will not take over office workstations. We believe that the social relationships and personal interaction are particularly important for innovation and productivity of the companies. Therefore, there is still a demand for offices with a high amount of services. In the medium and long term, of course, there may be changes in the space requirements of individual tenants. For our part, it is extremely important to focus on tenants´ needs: flexibility and community are central to this.

-    Landlords have always insisted on long-term leases. Is this changing too?

-    We offer our tenants the combination of a high quality community office space and a modern headquarter including all its services and a very well designed fit out. To answer your question specifically: the essence of myhive concept is that our partners use what they really need, be it a small business or a medium-sized company with more than 50 employees. myhive is not only a design concept; much more than that, it includes booking conference rooms, fitness rooms, parking spaces or event venues even through the app. It is worth taking a look at our website, the details speak for themselves: https://myhive-offices.com/en/myhive-products

-    If I had to summarize it in one word, it would say: flexibility. Do I see it right?

-    Yes, that's the point. The current economic situation, combined with a significant proportion of working from home, is generating a demand for entirely new, flexible workspaces. The new myhive service, which will be launched in the autumn, will offer tenants even more opportunities: modern, attractive and flexible workspaces of any size. This will help tenants provide the most appropriate work environment for their employees: whether it’s a permanent workstation in a myhive office or a connection of a remote myhive location. All of this is well demonstrated by the concept of the renewable myhive Haller Gardens.

-    What's the point of this?

-    Thanks to its good accessibility, comprehensive services, community spaces and myhive brand, the myhive Haller Gardens office building has been popular among the tenants and will become even more attractive with the upcoming improvements. I would like to emphasize that in the case of myhive Haller Gardens it is not only a ‘facelift’, but a particularly large-scale renovation. We will re-enchant the entire building over the next one year, without, of course, disturbing our tenants. Knowing the market, I have to say, it is extremely rare to spend that much resources on an existing building.

-    Could you give me some more details?

-    We have set up a conference room and introduced a more flexible new parking system, furthermore the renovation of the reception areas, communal areas, garden, restaurant and café will begin soon, as well as significant energy and technical improvements can be expected. Taking advantage of the panorama of the Danube, we are planning exclusive office spaces and a renewable roof terrace on the 7th floor, as the communal spaces within the office building will continue to be emphasized. Our flexible office service is making its debut here, with a show room set up on one level to show future tenants how their office space could look like with the myhive design.

-    As far as I know, even the conquering Alexander the Great will appear in the garden ..."

-    Yes, you are right! We wanted to reflect on Count János Haller somehow, after whom we named the building and was a Transylvanian politician and writer who lived in the 17th century. And when it comes to Haller Gardens, the concept of the garden is built around his work, as one of his most famous works, The Triple History, comes to life in the form of quotes. In the garden named Conqueror a few lines of Alexander the Great can be read engraved on a rock, but some sentences from the true story of the Great Trojan Peril will also appear, and in the third section of the garden called Discourse, some lines of the "Exemplary Speeches and Stories" can be read as well. And if we talk about the garden, I would say that another important aspect of its renewal was the creation of pleasant green islands which are not only eye-catching and ornamental, but also useful: they can be used for relaxation as well as for meetings; equipped with comfortable, smart garden furniture and shaded seats.

-    Let's say it's the hardware. What does the software, i.e. myhive application, know?

-    The application is our tool for daily internal communication and to communicate with tenants, moreover they can also communicate with each other. We think that the number of the users and how widely we use the app, clearly shows that it is a success story! Therefore, we place great emphasis on the further development of the application: to use it for even more services, and to create it even more user-friendly in several respects. For example, we would like if the entry process and parking can be handled through the app as well, but we also plan to use this tool for the mentioned flexible office concept, so it will be possible to book offices and conference rooms through this. We even plan to use the app for meals or to order food.

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