The Arago Group will establish its headquarters in Academia at the beginning of 2024. The contract was signed on the 42nd day following the first walk-through. The swift and seamless agreement was greatly influenced by the immediate fulfillment of tenant requirements: sustainability, modern technology, and a central location combined with the flexibility and proactiveness of both parties. Thus, the nearly thirty-year-old company is moving into one of Budapest's most beautiful and prestigious buildings.

"A truly great plan reflects both the explicit and unspoken needs of the client," emphasized Andrea Baktay, head of interior design, speaking about her experiences with the project. "Incorporating these unarticulated extra requirements, especially the unique operational characteristics of a company, into the space can be a significant challenge. However, thanks to years of successful collaboration, shared thinking, and numerous joint projects with ConvergenCE, we were able to meet these expectations exceptionally swiftly and completely for Arago as well."

"The success story of the Arago Group and its defining role in the Hungarian economic landscape spans several decades," said Dóra Papp-Vas, Leasing Director at ConvergenCE. "It is a tremendous compliment that a client such as this believes that the renovated ACADEMIA is the perfect venue to provide the best services and support for their partners and employees in the future. We eagerly anticipate the opening event on September 28th, where we can showcase to the world that ACADEMIA offers its tenants not only a workplace, but a lifestyle, a community, and a new home equipped with cutting-edge technology."