With the myhive brand, a unique concept has been implemented in the IMMOFINANZ‘s markets over the past few years, including in five office buildings in Hungary. The concept has evolved continuously to market needs and tenant expectations. Taking the past year’s challenges into account, the company approached last year with a new, flexible concept which is still exceptional on the market. IMMOFINANZ now offer its tenants a customizable combination of high-quality community office space and a modern office centers with spacious locations, a wide portfolio of services and an excellent infrastructure.

IMMOFINANZ offers now a complete flexibility in terms of rental periods and rental spaces, i.e. very short contracts for very small spaces, but also adaptable rental spaces that can be expanded or reduced at any time in line with customer needs. Also part of the concept is the possibility to rent flexible or fixed workstations in an exclusively equipped coworking area. Those tenants who want to rent their own small office in myhive standard design also have this option – fully embedded in the existing infrastructure. So there is something for freelancers, young start-ups and larger companies.

“We are proud of the award and thank the jury for the recognition. With this new opportunity, we hope to be able to serve the office rental needs of even more customers who don't want to commit in the long run or can't accurately estimate how many desktops they will need in the near future” – said Viktor Nagy, Country manager for Operations of IMMOFINANZ Hungary.