The success of myhive has been continuous since its introduction as the company is constantly following the needs of tenants to help them with the right services in every respect. In addition to the popular community and professional events featuring by the office brand, new services and flexible leasing options will soon be introduced.

On an area of around 34,300 sqm, the office building located in South Pest has well-appointed spacious office spaces, green terrace and internal gardens. The five different reception areas can be used by any of the companies in the office building, and the fitness room is open all day. Sustainability is important aspect to the tenants, and in this respect, the building is of the highest standard with the latest technology and BREEAM certification. Access4you certification is also currently underway, which will show how well the building meets accessibility criterias.

After the restrictions driven by Covid-19 will be removed this year the lobby, public areas, garden, restaurant and cafe will be renewed, and major energy and technical developments are expected as well. Taking advantage of the extraordinary panorama of the Danube, an event location  on the 7th floor will be created which will be operating as an event center – emphasizing the importance of community spaces. Further improvements and new services are also expected, including offices on the 2nd floor where flexible office rental services will soon be introduced and plans to create a more affordable and flexible parking system for tenants which is already being implemented.

The current economic environment combined with a large proportion of employees working from home, will create a demand for more flexible workspace solutions. myhives new features, coming in autumn will offer more flexibility for all tenants. myhive will offer modern and attractive workspace of any size and flexible terms. This will help the tenants to provide workspace that suits their employees, whether they need a fixed desk or want to work from different myhive locations.

The flexible parking system for tenants, and an additional conference room will also begin to operate soon.

"Thanks to its good accessibility, comprehensive services, community spaces and myhive brand, the myhive Haller Gardens office building has been popular among the tenants and will become even more attractive with the upcoming improvements, especially in regards to the current situation. The new flexible myhive concept not only has an all-inclusive service, but also allows tenants to occupy standardised myhive office spaces quickly and easily, with short-term rentals” – said Viktor Nagy, the Country Manager Operations Hungary of IMMOFINANZ.

The myhive app is one of the most important communication tool with tenants as it informs them about events and services on a daily basis. The tenants could chat with each other and sign up for the upcoming events and activities. This year the app will be further improved and becomes even more consumer-friendly in several aspects. Among the main features there will be a possibility for spontaneous bookings for individual office areas or meeting rooms, food ordering and the opportunity for ratings, feedback about the events and services from the tenants.

Almost three years have passed since the launch of the IMMOFINANZ’s international office concept in Hungary. The success at myhive Haller Gardens has continued unabated, manly because of the successful community-building between the tenants and providing a high level of service to make the daily life easier for those who work there. In practice, this includes after-work events, various professional programs and presentations, tenant introductions, running clubs – all at no additional cost for tenants. Nevertheless, with respect to Corona we switched our services and provide as much as possible on a digital level, like expert talks, which can be enjoyed by our tenants online now.