Campona continued to increase its popularity in 2016 as well: in the past six months, several new tenants moved into South Buda's largest shopping center, including Pepco, Sebastiano, UPC,, Biohair, Dorothy&Aby, Shey's, Gelato and Playmax. In addition to the supply, demand is also developing dynamically, almost 9 percent more people visited Campona in the first half of 2016 than a year earlier, and turnover grew even faster, by over 10 percent.

The increased number of tenants and visitors is the joint success of the owner and the property management: as a result of developments of several ten million forints in recent months, new environmentally friendly, more pleasant and brighter LED panels have replaced the previous lighting system, and new plant islands were created next to which new modern benches enhance the customers' convenience.

"This year Campona is continuing to enrich the experience of visitors with family-oriented programs, in the spring sand sculpture exhibition and live butterflies awaited the younger and older visitors. In addition, with a number of new brands moving in, fashion became even more pronounced in our supply, which we support with numerous events related to fashion: after the Glamour-day fair, Family Fashion Weeks started in Campona in May, in which stylists and makeup artists are waiting for the visitors, and we introduced the Cosmopolitan Summer Shopping days," - said Zsolt Kákosy, Head of Asset Services at CBRE entrusted with the management of Campona.