The 3000 square meters A66 is a classic Central European-styled historical building. Its class ’A’ offices have been renovated according to an industrial-like minimalist concept in order to emphasize the building’s historical and architectural values. The A66 building exists from 1890 and contains neo-classical and classic design elements. The building was refurbished in accordance with its protected building status and the tenants’ progressive requirements. The outer frontage and the ceiling frescos were refurbished contemporary with the help of MD Studios leading designer Tihamér Szalay. The interior design reflects on the client’s unique style and was created by the Brody House Group led by William Clothier.

The designer group has established an inspirating open-plan working environment that includes such design features as meeting rooms or a kitchenette area that can also be used as a work place. The appliances and the equipment are characterized by excellent quality and modern technology. At the same time the original walls and beams are exposed and the reception area is decorated with a “wallpaper” of old Hungarian newspapers, which reflects a unique retro vibe to the complex. The requirement from the company was for bike parking areas only therefore no car parking lot in the office building can be found.

The idea behind the design and refurbishment was to focus on the history of the building. This concept could be a response from WING and other developers alike, on how Budapest’s landscape can be developed by keeping its own identity and features, while finding creative ways to use the vacant buildings by giving them a new purpose.

The renovations were financed by KDB Bank and the building is leased for long term for UMInteractive Ltd.