The company, founded in 2016, specializing in building a 3D modeling application, has signed a contract for nearly two thousand square meters of leased space in ACADEMIA office building.

Swapping its current home on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street for nearly double the space, the venture has enlisted the expertise of Minusplus, named the best interior design company of last year, to shape its new habitat. The projects of this twenty-person team of designers and architects harmonize sustainable and innovative solutions with beauty and harmony. The extraordinary location and numerous amenities of the ACADEMIA, reopening with Access4you and WELL certifications along with several unique features and new technologies, have captured the favor of the young, innovative new tenant.

"It's a great joy that we were able to find a solution for our growth and increased space needs so quickly within the district," expressed Daniel Vallas, Shapr3D's Chief Financial Officer. With Shapr3D’s rising trend in growth, the mature startup needed a new home that could match its pace. Thankfully, ConvergenCE not only provides a high standard in growth but ensures that Shapr3D highlights the beauty of Budapest as its headquarters while it grows worldwide. The vigor of ConvergenCE is palpable, offering a youthful environment coupled with an emphasis on sustainability that vitalizes the team and underscores its commitment to shaping the future of innovation.

"Exactly two decades ago, we founded ConvergenCE with similar ambitions: our aim was to shape the next thirty years of the real estate market with our thinking, ideas, and quality work. Now, here's a young company starting with the same aspirations and achieving great success in its own field," shared Dora Papp-Vas, ConvergenCE's Leasing Director. "It's a tremendous pleasure when a business bursts onto the scene with such speed, innovation, and international recognition, choosing us. Leasing two thousand square meters at once is considered a rarity in today's market. Therefore, it's particularly gratifying that a tenant that values quality and sustainability so highly has chosen us. I thank Shapr3D and its leaders for the swift and seamless agreement that we will continue to do everything in our power to earn not only the certifications but also the full trust of the tenants at ACADEMIA."