Opened in 2023, Melea – The Health Concept is located by Lake Csónakázó in Sárvár and features 83 balcony rooms and suites. Spanning 3.5 hectares, the hotel boasts extensive green areas and modern, sustainable architectural solutions. Its holistic, health-focused concept offers personalized healthcare, beauty, dietary, and recreational services. What sets Melea apart is its unique approach where each guest receives a personalized treatment plan based on pre-arrival assessments and consultations, supporting their lifelong optimal activity.

LEED is the world's most widely used green building rating system, and LEED BD+C: Hospitality specifically includes criteria tailored for the hospitality industry, covering energy efficiency, water use reduction, sustainable building materials, and indoor environmental quality. Melea incorporated numerous innovative and eco-friendly architectural solutions contributing to its LEED certification.

In Hungary, green building certifications are predominantly awarded to offices and, recently, to logistics and industrial properties. Therefore, it was particularly gratifying and challenging for us to participate in the environmentally conscious design and construction of a hotel. I believe we will see more green building certifications in this real estate segment in the future, especially as both financiers and hotel operators increasingly expect properties to meet environmental and ESG criteria," said Norbert Szircsák, Head of Strategic Advisory at Colliers ESG.

The hotel’s design paid special attention to high acoustic standards to ensure guest tranquility and comfort. Additionally, numerous environmentally friendly materials were integrated into the construction process, reflecting their commitment to sustainability, and a significant portion of construction waste was recycled.

The external areas of the building were also designed with sustainability in mind: the extensive green areas surrounding the hotel are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contribute to preserving the local ecosystem, including a large green surface on the roof. The parking area features electric car chargers, and the eco-friendly outdoor lighting minimizes light pollution, thus supporting natural environmental protection and promoting guest relaxation.

Significant emphasis was placed on the building’s internal operations and comfort: water- saving fixtures were installed throughout the hotel, while a modern building automation system monitors and optimizes energy consumption. The rooms and work areas are naturally lit, providing an energy-efficient solution and enhancing guest comfort at Melea. Melea – The Health Concept stands out not only for its architectural and sustainability credentials but also for its innovative health and wellness concept. It merges medical science, traditional healing practices, holistic approaches, and conscious gastronomy. Guests can rest assured that they are rejuvenating in a place that prioritizes both their health and environmental protection.