The friendly atmosphere is provided by pleasantly divided space, wood-framed walls, pastel-coloured furniture, leaf-shaped skylight and warm-light lamps. Visitors discover a stress-free oasis among the furniture oozing tranquillity. Different parts of the restaurant are decorated in different styles. Everyone can find a space suitable for their mood, whether they want to grab a bite at bistro tables or eat with their colleagues in one of the colourful diner booths, lounging in the hanging chairs or chatting on the café's couches.

The interior of the canteen was designed by TP Bennett, the architect designer was TIBA Studio. The lessee (OTP Prime Real Estate Fund, the recent buyer of Vaci Greens B), was represented by Atenor (the original developer of the office complex) during the transaction. Project management was provided by Cushman & Wakefield. Construction works were done by DVM group, which has already worked for GE for several occasions. The canteen was handed over at the beginning of 2017.


DVM Group