“The initiative is that we take care about small entrepreneurships, startups with not so much money but sometimes world-changing ideas. They grow up – and hopefully stay in our instant offices. As they don’t want to care a lot about office space renting they can buy a membership card for a week or a month. They can use their card in all our centers throughout Budapest. Just like a season ticket for transport, no matter what you take today, your card is valid – there is no easier way to have a fully equipped office space in Budapest today.” – explains Mr Abt whose company with well-located and fine-managed instant offices is already a success story in Hungary.

The very first NEW WORK Labs has just been opened in NEW WORK Serviced Offices Anker and soon to be followed at the NEW WORK Serviced Offices BJ48, then at all the other office spaces offered by the company (5 in the downtown area and one more in Budaörs).

NEW WORK Labs at Anker looks really impressive: if you enter you have the feeling that this is a brainstorming room for exceptional talents – functionality and design inspires – not a traditional office space where you can hardly wait for 5 o’clock shift end. “There is a shared space where people can meet and discuss from different companies, but they can also have a silent corner to do a precise job” – says Mr Hubert about interior design.

Labs are also about co-working which is a hot trend for young companies; target group is startups with 1-5 employees. Mr Abt says the concept will be fulfilled by an accelerator program this year: NEW WORK will be able to co-finance the best ideas and small companies to help them entering new markets.

For more information please click: labs.newworkoffices.com