Mr. Hubert Abt, Managing Director of NEW WORK Serviced Offices says that you can afford a lot with small efforts too. Sometimes it's the little things like taking care and listening make a happy day for orphan kids. The company already has a practice implementing social responsibility: Last year at Christmas they were collecting gifts for children involving their tenants too. 

This initiative was continued with a new program this year: in mid-July, Property Systems organized an unforgettable day for 38 orphan children living in Nagykanizsa Children's Home Center (Zala County Child Protection Center and the Regional Child Protection Service) including travel, entertainment and eating. 
For these young people aged 4 to 18, the trip to Budapest is already a huge experience – since they rarely get to the capital due to the relatively large distance – but the organizers offered a lot more: they provided colourful programs to make this day really unforgettable for them.

As nurseries have a different interest than teenagers, the enthusiastic volunteers of NEW WORK Serviced Offices have been paying particular attention to the age differences; every child – from the smallest to the biggest – could find something, making him a bit enchanted. 
"One of our employees’ mother has been involved in orphan-helping for 20 years and her personal example inspired us to realize a day at company level. For most kids growing up in a family it is obvious to visit a slippery park. They can happily and obliviously play in a playground and eat as much ice cream on a hot summer day as they can. But those who grow up in children’s home these funny things are just a dream. We made them this dream true now, "said Hubert Abt. He also says that most valuable thing for kids – no matter how old they are – is not items or eating but attention they get. NEW WORK Serviced Offices staff cared children one by one regarding their individual abilities: some "just" played with them, some taught them dancing or singing and helped at playground to feel safe and free. 

"I think this day was valuable to us as well. We have seen how easy to make children happy. We helped them because these kids live in our environment, although far from our world in many ways. We have seen the shining eyes, the bright smiles, and loud laughter of the children. These cannot be compared to any of our successes so far. Our way of life is just a dream for them, but I honestly believe that we could lift them up and this remains a remarkable day all them. I'm proud that we could help and I am confident that other companies will realize that we are more capable together and they will follow our example. – said Mr. Abt replying a question why a fast growing and spectacularly prosperous office service provider is taking care about charity. He thinks that social responsibility makes sense only if they fill it with content that brings joy for both sides. This hot July day was like this.