It was also common for them all - whether it was a one-man world-changing start-up or a world leader company – they believe in that our future is being largely shaped here and now. For a few years it seemed that everyone was just talking about the importance of start-ups, but not really much happened. If you were at Start-up Safary, you surely agree that Budapest is definitely on the right track to become one of the international capitals of start-ups.

To turn this vision into reality, you need a network of contacts and a wide range of flexible services that you can use from the very first steps. Start-ups usually begin with one or two people, based on a simple but brilliant idea. Prestige does not matter, but efficiency does: they only pay for what is really useful and can be used in an absolutely simple way. This is how the offices, such as NEW WORK Serviced Offices, are working.

Grow hacking, block chain, artificial intelligence-based decision making, how to get a 100 million HUF worth investment? – These are just a few examples of more than 300 performances and workshops. NEW WORK Serviced Offices supported the two-day event as sponsor and communication partner, providing free access to all of their tenants who were interested in any of the topics. The Anker Köz Business Center warmly welcomed Startup Safary, including 24 performances, 50+ performers and more than 600 visitors in two days.

Some of the performers started several years ago as a start-up – just think about Prezi. Some others represented the world’s largest IT companies such as SAP or Google. What do they have in common?   They all recognized the potential of a few enthusiastic young talents, working in a tiny office. Mr. Hubert Abt, Managing Director of NEW WORK Serviced Offices and his team provides the space for this, and much more: "All of our customers are able to grow with us. We have several examples of start-ups who started to work with 2 or 3 people and in six months time they have 6 to 8 men, and in a year maybe 12. We will provide a new office within our portfolio without any inconvenience or stress for the growing young company. We are very pleased to be able to contribute entrepreneurship not just by the location but also by our extra services.”

And what are these services? The most popular option is perhaps the „sign up today and move in tomorrow”. This is a very good example for the core of NEW WORK Serviced Offices: the business owner concentrates on the most important issue, to develop his own idea. There is a coffee machine in the kitchen, broadband business internet connection is really fast and reliable, the cleaning staff comes in the evening and the list of services are rather long. It is worth to mention: nothing is mandatory; the tenant decides what he really needs. This applies for all NWSO offices in Budapest and Budaörs. This means 8 centers in the area. They offer the same complex services at 10 sites in three countries. By the end of the year one more country and 2 new locations will be added to their portfolio.

Safary is over now, but Mr. Abt says that the key message is still with us: "We truly believe there is a difference between an office building and a Business Center. Our goal is to help not only our tenants, but also smaller or larger companies. Besides the already known flexible office solutions and high-quality services, they also organize networking events like business breakfasts and networking evenings with professional experts. Foundation for the success of start-ups is networking. Start-up Safary was one of these events, but it is also obvious that it would be impossible to shake hands with all the participants in the two days. Anyone who visits one of our events at Anker or Andrássy 100 - free entry for everyone - can meet not only with the start-ups working there, but also our external partners, freelancers and digital nomads. For me, it is a great pleasure and honour to be the host of those young companies, start-ups who create the future in front of our eyes. "

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